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Thuraya IP+

Thuraya IP+

Very compact satellite modem, featuring optimal performance and ruggedness.

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Thuraya IP+ is a very compact modem, featuring optimal performance and ruggedness. It is “Plug&Play”, therefore it does not need any installation software. Just connect it to your PC using Wi-Fi or the RJ45 Ethernet port. It provides a reliable wireless connectivity with WPA and WPA2 encryption.

Thuraya IP+ has a watchdog function that allows to use the modem even in M2M applications. You can also remotely modify the modem configuration or simply monitor it without having the device close at hand.

This modem is ideal for the users who need a high performance broadband connectivity up to 444 Kbps at all times, without having to install an external antenna.

Optional external antennas are available for fixed installations or for installations con cars and boats.


Additional Information

Short Description

Very compact satellite modem, featuring optimal performance and ruggedness.

Operator Thuraya
Terminal sizes 216x216x45 mm
Terminal weight 1,4 Kg (battery included)
Shared Data 404/444 kbps (send/receive)
Streaming Data 384/384 kbps (invio/ricezione)
Streaming data ext. antenna up to 384 Kbps
Data connection WLAN 802.11 b/g/n , RJ45 Ethernet
Voice connection Solo Servizi VoIP
Power supply Only VoIP
Umidity 30 hours in stand-by, 1 hour of continuous transmission at max speed Environmental agent protection: IP 55
Working humidity 95% non-condensing, up to +40 °C
Working temperature › Con alimentazione esterna: da -25 °C a +55 °C › Con alimentazione a batteria: da 0° C a +50° C
Protection against environmental influences IP 55
Mechanical vibration 200-2000 Hz, 0.3 m2/s3
Compatibility dispositivi con Wi-Fi/Ethernet, sistemi operativi Windows per aggiornamento software
Wi-Fi Si
Flat data Yes
Coverage area Yes
Shipping time 1-3 giorni lavorativi