Thuraya SatSleeve+ - SIM NON COMPRESA

Thuraya SatSleeve+ - SIM NON COMPRESA

Thuraya SatSleeve+ come with SIM NOVA PLUS - 25 minutes for free

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Thuraya SatSleeve is the simplest, most elegant and innovative way to turn any smartphone into a satellite phone.

SatSleeve+ consists of a base, with Thuraya SIM cradle and a satellite antenna, and an universal adapter usefull to switch with any size of smartphone. It is perfect for those who use the satellite on the move.

Both models need the SatSleeve Hotspot App (orange color) downloadable for free on Google Play and Apple Store.

Thanks to GmPRS connectivity (15 kbps upload - 60 kbps download) you can continue to use some smartphone capabilities: you can stay connected with everyone by e-mail or app, even without terrestrial coverage.

The sound is routed through the smartphone, allowing users to talk directly on it. This gives Customers the option of using the smartphone eighter docked or undocked form the SatSleeve, as long as the 30 meters Wi-Fi coverage are respected.

Both SatSleeve come with a programmable emergency call button that works even if the smartphone is not connected, by making a call to a predefined number.

Intermatica offers the SatSleeve+ with prepaid SIM NOVA PLUS and 24 months warranty.

For further information download the Thuraya brochure in PDF format (580 Kb)

The pictures are indicative of the terminal. The smartphone is not included in the price.

The slide for iPhone 6 is not provided with connector for charging the smartphone .


Additional Information

Short Description

Thuraya SatSleeve+ come with SIM NOVA PLUS - 25 minutes for free

Operator Thuraya
Terminal sizes 138x69x42 mm
Terminal weight 256 g
Satellite antenna extractable (10 cm).
Power supply 5V DC
Data transmission packet GmPRS downstream : up to a 60 kbps. upstream: up to 15 kbps.
Battery Li-ion 2,400 mAh › Talk time: up to 3 hours › Stand-by time: up to 48 hours
Connections ear plug, micro USB to recharge the battery and upgrade, Bluetooth,
Working temperature 0° C – +45° C
Umidity 5% – 95%
Languages 12, Italian included
Integrated GPS Si
Compatibility sistemi operativi Windows
Shipping time 1-3 giorni lavorativi

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