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Globalstar is a system based on a constellation of LEO satellites allowing to offer low speed voice and data services in more of 120 countries worldwide. A network of ground stations provides the connection between orbiting satellites.
Globalstar project was launched in 1991 as a joint venture between Loral Corporation and Qualcomm. The first call on the system was placed on November 1,1998 by Qualcomm's Chairman, Irwin Jacobs, in San Diego, to Loral Space & Com- munications' CEO, Bernard Schwartz, in New York.
Globalstar offers a very reliable and clear voice communication system, often with a better quality than GSM mobile net- works.

Globalstar allows to receive and place calls in Satellite mode at very cost effective rates..
Numbers reached from worldwide:
  • Globalstar prefix:+33 64********
Globalstar network allows to perform dial- up satellite data connection up to 9.6 kbps. Using the compression software, the con- nection may reach 38.8 Kbps. Internet con- nection starts by directly composing #777 on the telephone.
Other services
By connecting to the Intermatica website it is possible to send free text messages to the Globalstar terminal (max. 35 alphanumeric characters).

Countries under satellite coverage

Satellite services must be used complying with local regulations on use of satellite telephone devices..

The Globalstar - Intermatica service provides different economic conditions according to the area where the call is placed/received:

  • Home Zone :

    is characterised by very affordable rates and covers Europe (Mediterranean Sea included), North Africa, USA (some Caribbean islands included), Canada and a few Middle East countries. The Home Zone countries list is provided below.
  • Rest of the World:

    all the areas covered by Globalstar services but not included within the Home Zone. In said zones, the services are offered in Roaming, a cost is therefore provided also during the reception of the calls.
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