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An help to choose

You want to buy a Satellite Product but you don’t know how to choose it?
Be guided by the Intermatica experience!

To get a list of the products that suit you needs, based on the criteria we identified, follow the four steps below.

First choice, “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR?” help to know the context of use.
For example: if you need a satellite phone as a personal security system for you boating/sailing holidays, then choose MARINE SOLUTIONS;
If you need a modem to send HD pictures from an archeological site, then chose PORTABLE MODEMS.

Second choice, “WHICH KIND OF USE YOU NEED?” help to know which kind of voice or data traffic you need.
For example: if you go on a 4x4 trip and you just need to call, then choose VOICE/LAND VOICE;
If you own a boat and you have to only send fax and email frequently, then chose VOICE AND DATA.

Third choice, “WHICH GEOGRPHIC AREA YOU NEED TO USE YOU SATELLITE PRODUCT?”, help to know the area/place of use.
According to the area of use, you will be suggested one or more Operators, which have a differently coverage area.
Depending on the technology used and the marketing strategies adopted by the Operators, the satellite systems offer coverage in a more or less wide area of the world; hence the importance of ensuring that the places where you intend to use the product, are included in the coverage area.
Click on the map the area/place of use and the system will give you automatically the Operators available.

By pressing on the button PRODUCTS/VIEW THE PRODUCT, you will obtain a product list according to the choices made and you will be able to refine the research with more filters showed on the left side



Choose the category you interest to.

  • Phones
  • Marine Solutions
  • Vehicular Solutions
  • Portable Modems
  • Terrestrial Solutions
  • Tracking


Choose the kind of transmission.

  • Only Data
  • Only Voice
  • Data and Voice


Click on the map to select the area you are interested to check the coverage.

Operators highlighted offer coverage in the geographical area you select.

  • InmarsatInmarsat
  • ThurayaThuraya
  • GlobalstarGlobalstar
  • IridiumIridium
  • Avanti CommunicationsAvanti

Show Products

Click on the button to get a products list suggested according to the selection made.
We invite you before purchase to check the coverage area on the product details sheet.
N.B. Satellite services can be used by observing local regulations about the use of satellite equipment.

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