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Sailor FB 250

Sailor FB 250

Ideal for installation on medium-size boats, such as fishing boats, yachts

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FleetBroadband is the global solution for voice, internet and data services while at sea.

Inmarsat's FleetBroadband services are accessible through two different on board terminals, which make use of selforienting antennas and have been specifically designed for marine use.

SAILOR® FB 250 is ideal for installation on medium-size boats, such as fishing boats, yachts etc.

The satellite services must be used in accordance with the local requirements regarding the use of satellite telephone devices.

In particular, as required by the current regulations, the installation and activation via SIM card of satellite equipment on board ships flying the Italian flag must only be carried out by individuals in possession of the necessary legal qualifications or individuals who have been approved by an Accounting Authority. As a third party provider of satellite devices, SIM cards and satellite services, Intermatica S.p.A. shall bear no responsibility for any problems that may arise due to the customer's failure to respect these regulations.


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Short Description

Ideal for installation on medium-size boats, such as fishing boats, yachts

Operator Inmarsat
Control unit dimensions 42,5x264,5x273 mm
Antenna dimensions Ø 275 mm, h 329 mm
Dimensions cordless with base 152x55x26 mm
Control unit weight 2,5 Kg
Antenna weight circa 4,2 Kg
Handset weight 0,17 Kg
Cable length 25 m
Shared Data 284/284 kbps (invio/ricezione)
Streaming Data Da 8 a 128 kbps (invio/ricezione)
External Phone Si - Microtelefono
Data connection Ethernet
Voice connection Telefono analogico
FAX Gruppo 3 via audio a 3.1 kHz
SMS Standard fino a 160 caratteri
Power supply Microtelefono: tramite presa
Umidity 95% senza condensa fino a +40 °C
Working temperature Unità di Controllo: da -25 °C a +55 °C Antenna: da -25 °C a +55 °C
Display Microtelefono: colori TFT, 240x320 pixel, 2,2 pollici
Integrated GPS Si
Compatibility Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7.0 (compatibile con Mac)
ISDN Non disponibile
Coverage area Globale esclusi i Poli